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Hello! My name is Vanessa George.. I’ve been earning money online since 2017. All of this income was earned working part time on my websites. You could spend 2-3 hours daily. I spend up to 4-5 hours a day working on my websites (not just one) and I’m making more than a full time income plus now. Some others are below:

Quit job online marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

Wealthy Affiliate review - $200

Here are some of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #1

Steve started a website called I’ve Tried That, in 2007 as a ​hobby.

He joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2009 and used the knowledge that he gained from WA to turn his website from a hobby to a real, online business, earning a huge monthly income.

If you were to ask Steve what the secret is to achieving success with Wealthy Affiliate, he would tell you that there is no secret.

It’s work!

It is creating content every day.

It is moving forward every day.

Everyday that you are not doing something for your business, your competition is passing you by!

Are you beginning to see a theme here with these Wealthy Affiliate success stories?​

You can read more about Steve’s success by clicking here.

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success story #2

Josh is from Australia and was a house painter when he joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2012.

He has since started his own painting company, but now his online income is exceeding his offline business income!

Josh credits what he has learned at Wealthy Affiliate to his online success.

Like most other Wealthy Affiliate success stories, Josh has multiple websites in different niches.

He is proof that you can work a full time job while building an online business that can help you break free from the 9-5- grind.

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success story #3

Branton is from Canada and joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2013.

He quickly built a niche site using the training at Wealthy Affiliate and was able to begin earning in excess of $5000 per month from his single site.

As the site has grown, Branton was able to surpass $8000 per month in December of 2016!

Branton is in the tech niche and just another example of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories around the world!

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #4

The thing that I like the most about Wendy’s Wealthy Affiliate success story is that she graduated college with a bachelors degree, but never got a “normal” job.

Instead, she joined Wealthy Affiliate and received an education on how to build a real online business.

She took that education and built an incredible business that allows her to work from home, set her own schedule and provide for herself a lifestyle unlike any 9-5 job could ever provide!

You can read more about Wendy’s success by clicking here.


Wealthy Affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #5

Louie Luc is a good friend of mine and one of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate success stories to follow online.

Like most Wealthy Affiliate success stories, he has many websites, but he shares some awesome information about niche websites and marketing over at BuzzNitrous.

Louie is from Portugal and has been making money online in different niches since the late 90’s!

Yes, he is a true internet marketing veteran and a huge asset to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Louie loves internet marketing and he is constantly looking to learn more as the business evolves.

If you would like to learn more about niche websites, you can join 

If you would like to learn more about niche websites, you can join LouieLuc here and get a first hand look at his teachings.​

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #6

Jay is one of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories that is extremely active inside WA.

He does free live video trainings on a regular basis where he shares his expertise on a whole host of different subjects that are vital in internet marketing.

Jay has been with Wealthy Affiliate for over ten years, so he has seen the progression of the platform and how it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs.​

Jay has an awesome case study inside WA where he shows exactly how he​ took a concept and turned it into a profitable website!

The concept…

Football Snack Helmets!​

Yes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a niche that can make you money!

Click here to read Jay’s case study​

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #7

Leo started trying to make money online back in 2000, but quickly found that it was not easy without the right help.

Eventually Leo found Wealthy Affiliate and began to learning and sharing his knowledge with others that were looking for help online.

Today Leo is a huge contributor inside Wealthy Affiliate and making a full time living online.

Leo is one of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories because he not only works hard to have a successful online business, but because he also gives back and is willing to help others whenever he can.​

wealthy affiliate succes story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #8

Kuda is from Zimbabwe, proving that Wealthy Affiliate success stories exist all over the world!

Kuda was able to quit his job and earn a full time online thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

He says that WA has helped him:

    • Create his first website.
    • Generate traffic from Facebook and Youtube. He has created a huge following on those two platforms
  • Began publishing program reviews.

Kuda is a perfect example of the kind of Wealthy Affiliate success stories that you will find inside the program.

Click here to read more about Kuda’s success story.​

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #9

Frank is one of the top Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

He lives in New Zealand with his wife and children and makes a full time living online, working from home.​

He has been very successful at promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

He has a very personable writing style that his readers seem to connect with.

He also shares many screenshots that display how much he is earning with different affiliate programs.

to do the hard work necessary ​to succeed!

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy affiliate Success Story #10

Christene was already successful when she joined Wealthy Affiliate, but she was looking for a platform that would provide her readers with a real solution to internet marketing without ripping them off.

Well, she not only found what she was looking for inside Wealthy Affiliate, she also found that the program had a lot to offer a seasoned​ internet marketer as well.

Christene credits Wealthy Affiliate with helping her to sharpen her skills in promoting her website.

Also, english is not her first language and WA has helped her to learn different writing styles.

Here are some of the goals that Christen has reached with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Getting more traffic to her websites
    • Improving her Google rankings
    • Making more sales
    • Creating a niche site that is not about marketing
  • And more!​

You can read more about Christene’s Wealthy Affiliate success story here.

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success story #11

AlexSol joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007 and he has never looked back.

He says that he joined out of desperation after having lost thousands of dollars to scams.

He finally found a home at Wealthy Affiliate and he earns well in excess of $10,000 per month in his online business.

Alex has one of the most important traits that a successful businessman can possess…

He works hard and is not satisfied until he gets it right!

I  was reading one of Alex’s blogs inside WA recently and I had to chuckle because he reminded me of myself and most other Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

The blog was about how he was traveling for 4 months and trying to live the laptop lifestyle, but he felt guilty because he couldn’t work enough!

LOL, I get it Alex!

I feel the same way sometimes!

Click here for another of Alex’s Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #12

Dom W and I have been friends for quite a while and I am so proud of the amazing business that he has created using what he has learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

Dom founded in 2014 and using what he learned from Wealthy Affiliate his business did $680,000 in sales in 2016!​

Yes… $680,000!

Dom is an awesome guy that started out just like you.

He had the drive and Wealthy Affiliate provided the training and platform and Dom took it and ran with it!

One of the services that Dom offers is content creation​.

You provide the subject and keywords and his team will provide the written content.

If you were to Google, Easy Ways for Teens to Make Money Online right now, you will see that I rank on the first page of Google with an article that Dom’s business wrote!​

That is quality right there and one of the many reasons that Dom is one of the Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!​

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #13

​Doug is one of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate success stories to share because he is only a teenager!

Click here to see his post about how he made over $6000 in one month!

At only 18 years old!​

Doug documents his monthly earnings in his blog at Wealthy Affiliate and is an inspiration for any teens looking for ways to make money online!

Join for free to read Doug’s blog and follow what he does to earn over $6000 per month.

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #14

Garen came to Wealthy Affiliate with 8 plus years of experience in SEO and WordPress.

He has used the education at Wealthy Affiliate to become hugely successful in his field.

He currently runs one of the top web hosting review sites and is a perfect example of the top Wealthy Affiliate success stories.​

Click here to read the story of how Garen made $51,755 with an affiliate program! ​

wealthy affiliate success story

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #15

Marcus has the distinction of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 10 years!

One of the longest standing Wealthy Affiliate success stories!​

During his time with Wealthy Affiliate, Marcus was able to:

    • Quit his job.
    • Watch his kids grow up.
    • Improve his health
    • Got over his biggest fear.
  • Built a real, sustainable online business.​

Marcus believes that he owes his success to two things:

    1. Putting his faith in Wealthy Affiliate training.
  1. Taking action on what he had learned.​

Click here to read more about Marcus’s success story!

It’s that Simple! Yes it really is

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    • How to write highly converting product review pages on your website
    • What a affiliate program is and how to find them
    • How to apply to affiliate programs and how to make money with them

Sure you have it, I hope you have enjoyed reading about all the excellent times I am having at WA, as much as I have shared this life-changing experience of mine with you. I hope this review has helped you make a sound decision on whether or not WA would be a good fit for you or not. But I assure you it is for you if you want a definite and steady income for the rest of your live because everything you need is right here at WA all you need to do is take action on what you learn and you will start experiencing success.

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I would love to have you as part of the community at WA, it is free to get rolling and I know that as soon as you step foot inside of WA you will see that we are different. Thanks for stopping by!